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Choosing the Right Fence For Your Home

If you’re looking to build a new fence for your home, start by asking yourself what your goal is with this new construction. People build fences for all kinds of reasons and there are just as many styles to meet all these varying needs. If your primary aim with a fence is to increase your privacy, make sure to choose a fence with little space between the boards. A good lattice fence is a great choice, especially when you add foliage like hedges or creeping vines. You also want it to be high enough to provide limited visibility into your yard.

Ease of Access and Limited Privacy Concerns

For some homeowners, ease of access is more important than privacy. In this case, consider choosing a gateless fence. If you go for a gateless fence, you might consider installing multiple fences in an offset pattern to create a path while still blocking the view from the street. Another option would be a stepped design. Your fence doesn’t have to be the same height all the way around. Instead, you can create a stair-step design to raise the fence in areas where privacy is a concern and lower it in areas where you’d prefer an unobstructed view.

Security and Protection From the Elements

Choosing the right material is another important element of any fence. If you’re primarily looking to shield your home from high winds but don’t want to lose a view, glass is the way to go. While this provides limited security, it’s a great option for patios and elevated areas. If you’re looking for a secure perimeter fence, however, you may want to choose a more sturdy, lockable fence and gate combination. These fences are typically made from metal, including corrugated steel. These should be at least 8 feet high, and you may want to add trellis to the top for additional security.

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