There are several types of fences  to choose from. But there is one common they all have – installation. Fence installation process is similar to all types of fences, with only slight differences. Let’s focus on similarities and explain, what the fence installation is all about. If you are hiring professionals to install your fence for you, the whole process may take a while.

To begin with – designing the fence and agreeing on the style. This is the first and the most important thing, after that the installation goes on moderately smoothly.  Then, an estimator will come and  measure the run of intended fence. They will confirm you with style of fence, property line – all of that jazz. Then, a contract may be written down, or send to you by mail – depending on a company. When it’s done, some permits need to be obtained and it may take a while, and also cost you some money.


Now it’s when the wait begins. Builders usually take a while to appear at a worksite, due to many circumstances. There may be a delay due to waiting for materials, or the weather is not right.. Just be patient, they will come someday. During the wait, a company should come and mark your yard, so that the builders will avoid utility lines whie digging. Keep that in mind and insist on the company to do so, to avoid additional trouble. After that, a team of builders will come, dig holes and set the posts in conrete. This is a fast process, but the concrete takes a while to harden. When this is done, the crew will come back again and finally install the horizontal parts of the fence – which are called stringers, gates and everything else that is a part of your fence. Voila! You have a fence installed by professionals!