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When it comes to the best fence contractors in Deer Park, Continental Fence Company is the one that you can trust.

Our fence company is a family-owned and operated business, providing local homeowners with excellent services for over 20 years. We can do it all, from re-fencing jobs to simple residential fence installation or fence repair. Our fence contractors in Deer Park have gained the proper knowledge and skills to get the job done right the first time around. We offer a wide selection of styles for our customers to choose from during the fence installation process. We will make sure to be with you every step of the way so that you will have the perfect fence that will match your home’s theme and preferences. If you need traditional wood privacy fences or more secure chain-link fences, you can count on us.

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For aesthetics, a wood fence is one of the more popular choices. Wood is warm and inviting, pulled from nature, and gives your home a natural accent, while still providing plenty of privacy. It can be used to divide land between you and to wilderness, or just you and a neighbor. At Continental Fence, our fence installation in Deer Park is what we are known for, but what put us on the map, and jump started our reputation, is our low-cost but high-quality wood fences. We only use the best wood that will last for the longest time. We have a host of designs to sort through, and our team of fence contractors in Deer Park can install the perfect wood fence to not only complement your home, but also increase property value.


Another low-maintenance choice that has become very popular is vinyl fence. Homeowners love this option because it is a low-cost solution that makes their life easier. At Continental Fence in Deer Park, we have a myriad of colors to choose from, perfect if you want something specific. We know that home aesthetics are important. That is why we will not only expertly install the best fencing, but also have an eye on making your property look terrific, using our fences as a decorative, yet functional, accent piece. With the highest quality materials, the fence installers you can trust to always do their best work, and the knowledge that your fence will be gorgeous and sturdy for many years, maybe it is time we install your fence.


If you are looking for a driveway gate that will add an elegance and class to your home, we specialize in custom built wood driveway gates, and are ready to install yours. They look amazing, and will give you the sense of security you have been looking for in your driveway access. Our driveway gates, just like all of our fencing, is only made with the highest-quality materials, and your driveway gate will be expertly installed by our master fencers. Let Continental Fence company in Deer Park connect with you and add this feature to your driveway.

Ornamental Metal Fencing Deer Park, IL

Unsure of what to get for a fence? Check out our ornamental metal fencing at Deer Park. We value your security like our own, so we deeply understand the need to maintain good security at home. Metal fencing is the most sturdy fence type you can try. It can be pricey, but we assure you that it meets the value for your money. Our fence company has been in the industry for years, and we ensure to provide our customers with the highest security they deserve with our metal fences. Our contractors can customize the metal fences to suit your needs to protect you from any harm day and night.
P Custom Built Wood Driveway Gates

Privacy Fencing Deer Park, IL

Anyone is sensitive when it comes to their privacy, and nothing is more important to us than you feeling safe in your own space, which is why we at Deer Park offer the best privacy fencing option you can avail yourself of. We can work with any material you want, such as wood, vinyl, metal, or even a combination of these, while making your home stand out. Our privacy fencing can protect you from the prying eyes of passersby and neighbors that can make you uncomfortable. Building one great privacy fence with our fence contractors allows you to keep your privacy to yourself and show clear property boundaries.

Custom-Built Wood Fence Panels Deer Park, IL

If you are looking for an affordable option for a fence that can meet the design you want, you can go for custom-built wood fence panels. Make sure to call Deer Park to help you in building one. Our fence company has the eye for designs you want and has the proper tools, materials, and expert skills to achieve this. We will work with you from scratch until your fence is installed that matches the theme of your home. We use high-quality wood to ensure that your fence is not just beautiful but also sturdy. Ready for a new fence? Call us now!


Has your fence seen better days? Now is the time to invest in your property’s aesthetic appeal,y, security, and privacy. Continental Fence Deer Park offers full fence repair services for all materials, including vinyl, metal, or wood fences that may have been weakened by years of wear and tear from rain, snow, and wind. Don’t let rotten boards or splits detract from your outdoor space – our fence repair will give you peace of mind knowing it looks its best with a firm structure built to last! So don’t delay; get started now on making sure that you have an attractive fence protecting what matters most!


Give your fence a new look with Continental Fence’s selection of vibrant paints! We have an extensive range of colors to help bring out the beauty in any fence, no matter its age. Not only will this add an element to any backyard or garden décor, it also offers protection against the elements and extends its life. With proper preparation and application techniques, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful fence that stands the test of time – allowing you more days outdoors in style. Don’t let yourself fall into complacency; upgrade your outdoor space today with quality fencing painting from Continental Fence Deer Park!


Make your entrance the envy of all visitors with Continental Fence’s experienced installation and reliable design. Our steel driveway gates are constructed to last, boasting unbeatable low-maintenance durability and a heavy yet solid construction that can be fully automated for intuitive entry control. Even though these tried-and-tested structures may not have ‘the look’ as our wooden fencing does – you’ll benefit from the peace of mind due to their superior quality build made using sturdy high-grade materials! Call our fence company today and talk to our professional fence contractors Deer Park to get professional advice about your fences. 
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