At Continental Fence Company, our customers come first thanks to our family-owned and operated business. We offer homeowners outstanding customer service that is expected for expert fence repair and fence installation in Mount Prospect. After over 20 years in business, you can trust our fence contractors in Mount Prospect for top-quality skills that we bring to your fencing project. You can have the right fence you’re looking for with the help of our experts and our great selection of options to make your fence installation in Mount Prospect right. Go for conventional wood privacy fences or secure your property with a chain-link fence. Call Continental Fence Company in Mount Prospect today for your free estimate.

MP Wood fencing

Wood Fencing Mount Prospect, IL

As wood fencing gives your home not only a vintage and sophisticated look but also the privacy that it needs, it has been the popular choice of many. Our fencing installation in Mount Prospect will make sure that we’ll create a division between your land and your neighbor’s. Our roofing company only uses the highest quality of materials to make sure that your fence will last for years. We will provide you with the highest quality of work at an affordable price. When it comes to your fencing needs, we are one of the best Mount Prospect fencing companies!

Vinyl Fencing Mount Prospect, IL

Another common choice is vinyl fencing. As it’s very low maintenance, it makes the life of homeowners easy. At Continental Fence Company, we offer a great variety of colors that our customers can choose from. Our Mount Prospect fencing contractors are here to make sure that your fence will not only match your home but will also match your style and personality. With our fence installation service, you can assure that your home will not only look beautiful but also will last for years.
MP vinyl fencing
MP Custom Built Wood Driveway Gates

Custom Built Wood Driveway Gates Mount Prospect, IL

If you can’t find anything to your liking for your wood driveway gates, Continental Fence Company provides custom-built wood driveway gates. Our Mount Prospect fence contractors will make sure that your driveway gate will give your home a classy and elegant look. Our fence company in Mount Prospect only uses the highest quality materials to ensure that your driveway gates will not only match the look of your home but will also protect your home from the dangers outside. We work effectively and efficiently since we recognize the importance of your time. We are here to ensure that you will get the fence that you have always wanted for your home!

Ornamental Metal Fencing Mount Prospect, IL

A fence in Mount Prospect is the first layer of defense for any homeowner against theft and burglars, and choosing the best fence type for your home is crucial. If you prefer a sturdier fence to prevent unauthorized entry, choose Mount Prospect’s ornamental metal fencing. This type may be expensive but is totally worth the price. Our expert fence contractors Mount Prospect can customize the structure of the metal fence to suit your home design, such as adding spikes, whorls, and the like. Do not hesitate to give us a call to get the highest security, and we will help you achieve this as easily as 1,2,3 while staying in style.

Privacy Fencing Mount Prospect, IL

In Mount Prospect, we value your privacy like no other, so we offer privacy fencing to guard against potential breaches. The fence installation in Mount Prospect we do is tailored to fit your needs keeping the decorative design you want. We have wide options of fence materials, such as wood and vinyl, to compliment your home design plus protect your privacy at all costs! Our licensed contractors will work with you with all the details you want about your fence. We also offer fence repairs when you need them. Give us a chance to work with you for the privacy you have always wanted.

Custom-Built Wood Fence Panels Mount Prospect, IL

Suppose you like adding many elements to your landscape; a custom-built wood fence panel is the best choice. It allows you to add light fixtures from lamp posts to outdoor LED lights that will add more value to your homes and blend seamlessly into your landscape.  It is also one of the best ways to show your creativity. It is a flexible option for homeowners who want to add personal characters to their fences. And since our fence contractors at Mount Prospect use top-grade wood that is not just durable but also aesthetically appealing, this project is easy to achieve.



Despite how diligently you take care of your fence, repairs may eventually be required. Continental Fence provides complete fence repair Mount Prospect. Your wood fence may need to be repaired if there is widespread rot on it. Wind and rain may cause your fence installation to start leaning to one side, whether it is made of wood, vinyl, or metal. Your fence’s overall structure is deteriorating, which is to be expected after many years of service. It’s time to start anew if there are many splits and missing boards. Fixing your fence is an investment in the curb appeal and safety of your residence.


To complement your design, Continental Fence Mount Prospect provides a wide range of colors. Paint can give a new fence a beautiful sharpness or revive an aged fence. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, paint shields the fence from the elements. Fence painting takes a lot of time, therefore it’s crucial to do it right to ensure that your work lasts as long as possible. You can allow your fence to appear lovely and maybe avoid the need to replace it by carefully prepping the area and the fence, using the right paint and equipment, and applying the coats.


The installation of steel driveway gates is a specialty of Continental Fence. Steel driveway gates are highly low maintenance and durable, which is one of their advantages. When our fence company installs your steel gate, we make sure it is substantial, well-built, and completely mechanized so you can easily regulate access to and exit from your property. Our fence contractors now realize that steel may not have the identical “look” as our wood fences. But we’ll make sure it’s strong and durable so that it lasts for a very long time. We make care to install your driveway gate with high-quality steel in order to achieve this.
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