Continental Fence Company in Evanston is a family-owned and operated business. We provide homeowners with the excellent service they expect, and we have been doing that for over two decades. For any kind of fence project, our professional fence contractors in Evanston have the experience and the skill to take care of it. We have a huge selection of fence options that you can choose from for the right fence installation in Evanston. From conventional wood privacy fences to secure chain-link fences, Continental Fence Company has the solution. You can count on us for incredible customer service while staying on top of today’s trends with unmatched craftsmanship. Call us today for your free estimate!

From Fence Installation to Fence Repairs Evanston, IL


Wood Fencing EVANSTON, IL

One of the popular choices of homeowners is wood fencing because it offers a natural and vintage feel while providing privacy with the length it gives. Continental Fence Company in Evanston is here to provide you with the highest quality of wood, ensuring that your home is safe and beautiful. The materials that we use are at the highest quality and can last for a lifetime. When it comes to your fence installation, we will be with you every step of the way to choose the perfect wood for your fence. Our fence company in Evanston is committed to providing you the highest quality of work at an affordable price.

Vinyl Fencing EVANSTON, IL

Another excellent choice for your fence in Evanston is vinyl fencing. It offers a very low maintenance feature, which makes the life of homeowners easier as time passes. Continental Fence Company provides a wide range of colors that will fit any preferences that our customers may have. We are one of the fence companies that also offer affordable prices that can adapt to any budget that you may have. We understand how important it is to keep your home beautiful; this is why our fence contractors are here to help you achieve the look that you have always wanted. Our team will ensure to do your fence installation right the first time!

Custom Built Wood Driveway Gates EVANSTON, IL

Continental Fence Company also provides custom built wood driveway gates that can fit any preferences that our customers may want for their home. It can add a touch of class and style to the critical aspects of your gate. However, the most important factor that our fence contractors in Evanston consider is safety. Our fence company only uses the highest quality of materials in order to ensure that your home is safe. We work with efficiency and quality since we know how important your time can be. When looking for fence companies near Evanston, our team is here to provide you with the best service possible. Give us a call today!


An ornamental metal fence is a more stylish and durable fence for your home. Because of the additional work and details that go into making these fences, there is a substantial markup over the common chain link. We at Continental Fence Company in Evanston want you to be safe and secure from the perils of the world beyond your door. We can make whatever customizations you wish to give your metal fence a unique appearance, and added protective options, like spikes. We can manage the look you want, make sure it compliments your home, and give you the pride of taking this extra step toward your family’s safety.


Privacy is important to you. We know this because privacy is important to everyone. And at Continental Fence in Evanston, we have the privacy fence you want to give your yard less attention from prying eyes. We can make it whatever height you wish, we can add a decorative flair to give it aesthetic charm, and we have a few different fence material options to choose from. You will get the privacy you want as well as potentially enhance the look of your home. We can even tailor the look of the fence to properly blend with the landscaping, or appearance of the house. Let us help you attain the privacy you want, need and deserve.


Custom-built wood fence panels are great for the DIY homeowner. They are easy to install by most people and can have a gate, and even outdoor lighting as a feature. It is a cost-effective solution and will add a nice personal touch to your home that you can be proud to have installed yourself. In several designs and dimensions, we can tailor yours to what you desire. We ensure that your fence will buffer outside noise, and will give you a level of privacy other fence companies cannot guarantee. And we not only have a variety of designs already at your disposal but also many patterns to ensure a custom look. We only use the best, highest-quality wood, and craft only the most sturdy and beautiful fences. Give Continental Fence Company in Evanston a call to get yours.

Fence Repairs

Even if you are highly vigilant with your fence maintenance, eventually it will need repairs that are best handled by a professional, and our crew at Continental Fence Company is ready and able to take on your full fence repair in Evanston. If it is something simple like rotten wood slats, we can repair or replace them. If the elements have bent or tilted your fence, we can straighten it and reinforce it to resist the winds and rains. Fences lose their dexterity over time. We will give it some help, or, if you desire a new fence to change your home aesthetic, our fence installers in Evanston can do it quickly and professionally. 

Fence Painting

Are you tired of that plain wood fence? Is it throwing off the look of your home’s exterior? Maybe it just needs a coat of paint. At Continental Fence Company, we have a myriad of colors that will accent your home seamlessly. We can turn what looks like an old fence into a new and wonderful addition to your decor scheme. We take our time and do the work correctly, ensuring it lasts for years, and only use the best pain and tools, wielded by skilled hands. We prepare it, give it the right coating, and make it look amazing, which in turn, makes you feel satisfied looking at it. And it will save you money, reducing the need to replace it. 

Steel Driveway Gates

At Continental Fence Company, our years of experience and expertise installing steel driveway gates is unmatched. They are a very low maintenance option as a driveway access deterrent and are remarkably durable. They are made of the best, heavy and solid materials, and constructed with full automation for ease of control. You might not like the idea of cold, hard, steel as your protective gate and prefer wood for its warm clean aesthetic charm, and we understand. That is why we want you to know how sturdy it is, and that it will last longer than standard wooden gates.

Playground Fence Evanston, IL

A playground is a common landmark and meeting area within the community for everyone of all ages, so it’s important that it feels safe. At Continental Fence, we do more than just residential fencing. We also handle playground fence installation in Evanston designed to ensure safety for the community. That means not only containing children to a given area but also keeping them out of designated unsafe zones, like a pool or municipal workspace. Child safety is vitally important, so our fence contractors in Evanston make certain that a playground fence keeps the children safely where they belong and away from potentially harmful areas.


At our fence company in Evanston, the primary goal is homeowner safety, so we go beyond fences. Continental Fence is here to install handrails for any potentially hazardous area that may be unsafe for everyone in the home. We carry a range of handrail designs to choose from and our fence contractors can make sure your handrails match your home style. We provide sturdy handrails to offer protection to children and the elderly within the home. And our railings are perfect for anywhere inside or outside the home where you feel it’s necessary. We are ready to work with you to keep your home safe and looking great.

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