At Continental Fence Company, we know our customers. That’s because we are family-owned and operated, so we offer homeowners the outstanding customer service they expect for fence repair and fence installation in Lake Zurich. We have provided our top-quality service for over two decades, so when you have a fencing concern, you can count on our professional fence contractors in Lake Zurich for experience and skill. With our large selection of fence options, you can have your ideal fence installation in Lake Zurich, from conventional wood privacy fences to larger, secure chain-link fences. You can trust Continental Fence Company for the perfect solution and the top level of customer service. Get your free estimate today.

LZ Wood fencing

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing looks great especially for homes as it creates a natural and homey aura that is simply inviting. At the same time, it provides privacy for intimate gatherings, thanks to its sufficient height. It also creates a proper partition between you and your neighbors for safe boundaries. Continental Fence Company is a leading fence company in Lake Zurich. We are known for our affordable and tasteful wood fences, allowing us to make homeowners in the area happy one fence installation at a time. With a wide selection of designs at your disposal, you can be sure our team of expert fence contractors in Lake Zurich can handle any fence project you need, from fence installation to fence repair. With our mission to provide high-quality fences to the neighborhood, you can enjoy our services for a long time.

Vinyl Fencing

Next to wood fencing, vinyl is the next best choice. This is popular among homeowners especially as it is low maintenance. You can expect it to be in as great condition as it was first installed. This is how Continental Fence Company maintains its name among the fence companies in Lake Zurich. We offer a wide variety of colors to match your preference. On top of that, our products and services are affordable so you can be sure they fit your budget. Going through all the details of setting up a fence can be challenging, that is why we are here to do all the work from you from fence installation to fence repair. Allow our expert fence contractors to achieve the look you want with our budget-friendly vinyl fences.
LZ vinyl fencing
Custom Built Wood Driveway Gates

Custom Built Wood Driveway Gates

If you are looking to have a custom built wood driveway gate right at your home, look no further! Our professional fence contractors at Continental Fences Company can do it for you flawlessly. We understand how aesthetics plays a huge role in gate designs, but more than that your safety is a priority. We make sure you get both by using high-quality material. Our Lake Zurich fence contractors work efficiently to give you long-lasting gates under the fastest time possible. We make sure no minute is wasted so you can get the most of what you pay for. Give our Lake Zurich fence company a call today to get started on the gates of your dreams.

Ornamental Metal Fence Lake Zurich, IL

For a more durable type of fence for your home, an ornamental metal fence is ideal. This kind of fence Lake Zurich may cost a little more than other styles, but it is well worth it. At Continental Fence, our goal for any fence installation in Lake Zurich is safety and security for your property. Our fence contractors can fully customize your metal fence to match your style, as we can include spikes or whorls to add greater aesthetic appeal to your home. Let us help you achieve the look you want for your property. For our fence company, it’s all about a beautiful look that is also a great safety measure for your family.

Privacy Fence Lake Zurich, IL

At Continental Fence, we understand that privacy is important, so we can provide privacy fencing for your property. Our fence contractors in Lake Zurich can ensure your fence is as tall as you need it to be with a decorative element that enhances your landscape. We have a nice variety of materials to choose from for your privacy fence, including vinyl, wood, and masonry. We will give you the privacy you want without sacrificing style for your home. Our fence company in Lake Zurich will construct a fence that blends well with your home’s architecture. Achieve your dream fence and your privacy all in one.

Customized Wood Fence Panels Lake Zurich, IL

Custom wood fence panels allow the opportunity for homeowners to add lampposts, gates, and outdoor lighting. This fence style is quite cost-efficient as adding your own unique design can bring a nice touch of artistry to your home. You also have great design flexibility to try something new with your fence installation in Lake Zurich. Continental Fence brings you the privacy you want while buffering out much of the unwanted sounds you don’t want. We carry a range of design and pattern options to make your fence in Lake Zurich a little more personal to you. Our fence company uses only the best quality wood material in constructing your fence so that it’s sturdy and beautiful.
MP Wood fencing


Do you have a wood, metal or vinyl fence that needs repair? Don’t let it detract from your property value and security – Continental Fence is here to help! If your fence is looking worse for wear, it’s time to take action! Repairs are a must if you want the longevity of your fence – whether made from metal, vinyl, or wood. The experienced team at Continental Fence Lake Zurich can provide full repair services and give new life to your current structure with strengthened stability. Investing in repairs will benefit not only its aesthetic appearance but also add an extra layer of security and privacy that every homeowner desires – don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Transform your fence into a show stopping makeover! Continental Fence Lake Zurich offers an impressive choice of colors to customize and complement the style of any home. Painting is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also shields against nature’s elements – meaning you won’t have to face costly repairs or replacements in short order. With proper preparation and application techniques you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful fence that stands the test of time – allowing you more days outdoors in style. Get creative with fence painting today: It’ll be worth every effort when you see just how amazing it looks!


Make your entrance the envy of all visitors with Continental Fence Lake Zurich experienced installation and reliable design. Our steel driveway gates are constructed to last, boasting unbeatable low-maintenance durability and a heavy yet solid construction that can be fully automated for intuitive entry control. Even though these tried-and-tested structures may not have ‘the look’ like our wooden fencing do – you’ll benefit from peace of mind due to their superior quality build made using sturdy high-grade materials!  Come discover how our impeccable fence company craftsmanship can keep your property safe for years to come.
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