Because Continental Fence Company in Glenview is a family-owned and operated business, our customers come first. We provide homeowners the amazing customer service they expect with expert fence repair and fence installation in Glenview. Through over 20 years in business, we have been the most trusted fence contractors in Glenview for our expertise and workmanship. Get the proper fence you’re looking for with the help of our professionals and our fantastic selection of fencing options that make your fence installation in Glenview easy. We’re here for you with conventional wood privacy fences, secure chain-link fences, and more. So call Continental Fence Company in Glenview now for your free estimate on your next fence.

G WOOD Fencing

Wood Fencing Glenview, IL

Wood fencing is a crowd favorite among homeowners because of its simplicity and effectiveness. It provides a great barrier between you and your neighbors while giving your backyard or lawn an upgrade with a tasteful wood fencing. It can easily make any home look rustic and warm. Continental Fence Company has been around among the other fencing companies in Glenview, and rightfully so. We offer affordable and beautiful fencing for all homes with high-quality materials that will surely last you a long time. You can choose from a variety of designs we offer so you can see which one suits your taste best. With a team of professional fence contractors in Glenview, Continental Fence Company works hard to provide you with the best fencing under the swiftest time possible.

Vinyl Fencing Glenview, IL

Vinyl fencing is also a great choice for your home. This is low maintenance and great for long-term fencing. We at Continental Fence Company work hard to match your preference by providing a wide variety of colors for your choice while not going over your budget. This enables us to perform your fence installation properly and help you make affordable choices for your home. We prioritize your safety by making sturdy and stunning fences that will spruce up your home while establishing strong boundaries from the rest of your neighborhood. Trust our professional fence contractors in Glenview to give you a beautiful fence while meeting your budget.
G vinyl fencing

Custom Built Wood Driveway Gates Glenview, IL

For that touch of class and style, a custom built wood driveway gate is always a good idea. This gives your driveway a unique look while providing a sturdy gate to protect your vehicle. To ensure the quality of our work, we only use high-quality materials. Our fence contractors in Glenview work hard to provide efficient service so you can have your custom built wood gate in no time. Trust us to deliver the look and quality you desire. Give us a call at Continental Fence Company today!

Ornamental Metal Fencing Glenview, IL

If you worry that your fence may not be sturdy enough to protect your home from external harm, let us give you peace of mind with the high-quality ornamental metal fencing we offer at Glenview. Metal fencing is the most robust type of fence you can find in the market that is a bang for the buck. Our metal fences are installed by expert fence contractors that are more than qualified to work on your home with any modifications you like. We value your safety like our own family. Thus, we are confident in providing you with our service worth your money.

Privacy Fencing Glenview, IL

Privacy is very important to any homeowner, and Glenview will gladly work with you to maintain or enhance your privacy at home. Our fence contractors can advise you on how to improve privacy through proper fencing with appropriate materials, according to your liking. Not just that, we are also experts in keeping the look you want for your home without compromising your privacy and quality. Our privacy fencing can be made with affordable vinyl, wood, and aluminum, which is good-looking and long-lasting. Call us and be ready to choose from the many design options we can offer you!

Custom-Built Wood Fence Panels Glenview, IL

Wood is a good material for fences; it may not be as sturdy as metal but is highly customizable and beautiful, which makes it the best choice for homeowners who want unique designs. Call Glenview for our custom-built wood fence panels if you want to achieve a great fence like no other that will surely be a head-turner in your block. Our fence installation is the best for adding any design you want to your landscape. We can cater to any design and dimensions you want for your fence at a very competitive rate. If you have no design, do not worry; we have what you need!


Have you noticed your fence looking a bit worn down? No matter how much attention you give it, repairs will always be needed eventually. Continental Fence Glenview offers full-service fence repair and renovation for wood, metal, or vinyl fences. Keep in mind that neglecting to make necessary updates can leave your property’s security vulnerable as its aesthetic appeal – not to mention privacy! Invest in the future of your home today with trusted fence contractors at Continental Fence, who are dedicated to making sure every detail is taken care of properly so you don’t have to worry about any more surprises on the horizon!


Revive your outdoor space with a fresh coat of paint! Continental Fence iGlenview has an extensive range of colors to help bring out the beauty in any fence, no matter its age. Not only will you add aesthetic appeal – paint can provide extra protection against Mother Nature’s elements while preserving your fence for longer. Taking time and effort during preparation as well as selecting quality tools and paints is key to ensuring that the painting job lasts next season too! Our professional fence contractors can advise you on the color that will match your exterior. Give us a call today. 


Experience the beauty and durability of Continental Fence’s steel driveway gates – perfectly crafted to be low maintenance with heavy, solidly constructed construction. Our carefully chosen high-quality materials ensure that your new gate will stand out from all others in terms of security and longevity while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look for you, ensuring a worry-free access system without any hassles! Come discover how our fence contractor’s impeccable craftsmanship can keep your property safe for years to come. Continental Fence Glenview knows the value of a quality steel driveway gate. Give us a call today to know more about our services.
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