Continental Fence Company is family-owned and operated. That means we offer homeowners the excellent customer service they expect for fence repair and fence installation in Palatine. That has been our mission for over two decades. When you have a fence project, our professional fence contractors in Palatine have the expertise and the skill to handle what you need. With our great selection of fence options, we’ll give you the perfect fence installation in Palatine. We can do it all, from conventional wood privacy fences to more secure chain-link fences, so you can rely on Continental Fence Company for the right solution and the best in customer service. Call our experts today for your free estimate!

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Wood Fencing Palatine, IL

If you are looking to spruce up your home and make it look more natural, then wood fencing is the best way to go. It gives you a sense of privacy while providing a beautiful and strong fence structure for your safety. If you want high-quality fencing, Continental Fence Company is just one call away. Our mission to provide tasteful and affordable fences in the neighborhood is what makes us a strong fence company in Palatine. We have a team of expert fence contractors that can handle any fence work for you including fence repair and fence installation. We also use high-quality material that can last a lifetime for your convenience. Choose from a wide variety of designs and let our team of fence contractors do the rest of the work. With Continent Fence Company doing your fencing, you can be sure you have the best fence company in Palatine on your side.

Vinyl Fencing Palatine, IL

You might want to consider vinyl for your fencing. This is known to be low maintenance and affordable for long time use. It gives homeowners peace of mind knowing vinyl fencing does not require much fence repairs after the installation is done. We at Continental Fence Company offer a wide variety of colors for your choosing. This allows you to choose the one that best suits your preference without jeopardizing quality. We also offer affordable services for your convenience. Trust us to provide your home with a beautiful fence while ensuring your safety and welfare. Our team of expert fence contractors in Palatine can do all kinds of fencing work for you effortlessly. Overall, you can be sure our fence will last a lifetime in your property. For more information, feel free to call us today.
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Custom Built Wood Driveway Gates Palatine, IL

A custom built wood gate is a great way to add a touch of class to your driveway. It sets you apart from other homes with metal gates. With Continental Fence Company, you can be sure you are in good hands. We provide a beautiful wooden gate to your home while ensuring your safety is of utmost priority by making the gates extra sturdy. We use nothing but the best materials to give you the quality you deserve. Most importantly, our fence contractors in Palatine work efficiently and effectively for your satisfaction. Get in touch with us today to know more details.


If you prefer a more durable fence for your home, the answer is ornamental metal fencing is the best choice for you. However, if you want this type of fence, it may come with a higher price. Continental Fence Company will ensure your home is secure and safe from the dangers that await outside. Our fence contractors in Palatine will customize your metal fence so that it will match your preferences and the style of your home. Our fence company can add spikes, whorls, and other designs that you may have in mind. You can trust us to provide the fence installation that your home deserves. We are here for you!


Our fence company in Palatine understands the importance of privacy to every homeowner, which is why we offer privacy fencing. We will work with you to achieve the height that you would prefer and ensure that your fence will have a decorative element on your landscape. We are one of Palatine’s fencing companies that provides different choices for your privacy fencings such as vinyl, wood, and masonry. It’s just not the beauty that we care about, and we also care about the safety of your home. Our fence contractors will help you reach the goal that you wanted for your fence at the same time matches the theme of your home.


When it comes to your custom built wood fence panels, our fence company in Palatine will provide homeowners with lampposts, gates, or even outdoor lighting. This type of fence can be cost-efficient, especially if you install it with our customized design and can also add a personal touch to your home. Continental Fence Company will provide you with the flexibility of designs and dimensions that can match any design that you may have in your mind. With our fence installation, we will provide you with a wide variety of designs and patterns that homeowners can choose from. We are your top choice when it comes to your fence company in Palatine.
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Even a top-quality fence needs a fence repair or two over time, and the fence installation contractors at Continental offer full fence repairs to restore your fence to its full efficiency. If it is wood, it might rot, and we can fix it. If it is metal, it can rust, and we will repair it. If wind and rain have caused your fence to lean to one side, we have the skill to get it back to where it is supposed to be. Sometimes, the overall structure of a fence loses strength after many years of use. There are warning signs that your fence is finally done and needs total replacement. We can let you know when that day comes, and if it can be saved, it will not only save you money but improve the overall aesthetics, security, and privacy of your area.


What is your favorite color for fencing? Are you looking for something more classical, or maybe prefer the continuity of a fence that matches your home? Whatever your pleasure, we at Continental Fence in Palatine can handle it, and do it with the quality you have known to be the hallmark of our business. A simple coat of paint can give new life to a fence while protecting it from the elements. Doing it right takes a skill most people don’t think would apply to something so simple, but the truth is, painting a fence is time-consuming, and doing it improperly, even more so. We prepare it as if we were painting a wall, we apply the right outdoor paint for the fence, with the right tools, and apply many coats.


A steel driveway gate is fantastic and low maintenance and a very durable choice. They are heavy, solidly constructed, and fully automated, so you can get in and out easily. While steel might feel cold and less inviting than the appearance of wood, for your home, a steel gatekeeping unwanted visitors out of your driveway is a sturdy, long term solution. Continental Fence Company is a Palatine expert in steel driveway gates installation, contact us and ask about your new gates at affordable prices.

Playground Fence PALATINE, IL

The community playground is a general landmark and meeting place within the community that everyone of all ages can enjoy, so safety is important. At Continental Fence, we offer more than just residential fencing, as we also bring you playground fence installation in Palatine that keeps the community safe. So we not only contain children within a safe area, but we also stop them from getting into unsafe zones, including pools or municipal work areas. Child safety is what’s important, so our fence contractors in Palatine build every playground fence to keep the children safely in their play area and out of harm’s way.




The goal of our fence company in Palatine is always homeowner safety, which is why we go beyond fences. Continental Fence can install handrails in any potentially difficult area that might be unsafe for everyone in your home. We carry many handrail designs and our fence contractors in Palatine can make certain your handrails match the style of your home. We install sturdy handrails that help to protect children and the elderly from avoidable accidents within the home. And we have railings that are perfect for outside the home too, so you can be safe anywhere. Our team is ready to work with you so your home stays safe and looks amazing.


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At Continental Fence, we use skilled installers with extensive training. If you need a fence or entrance system help, call us.


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We are eager to provide you with the finest service possible. Continental Fence will help you choose the best fence for your budget from its many options.


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We are a dependable and amiable fence company in Palatine dedicated to providing excellent service. We’re pleased to talk about your fencing requirements with our fence contractors. Let’s make your vision a reality by getting in touch with us.

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For your fence requirements, a variety of high-quality materials are available. We use the newest tools and machinery to finish your projects on schedule and within your budget.

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Trust fence installers. Our qualified fence contractors give us complete confidence in their work and peace of mind.

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